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Growing up on the western basin of Lake Erie in Northwest Ohio, I developed a early passion for waterfowl hunting. A third generation waterfowler and coming from a family of duck hunters known as the Gadus Clan, I took an interest in competition duck calling.
Early success on the stage led to a 15 year duck and goose call-making career.

In recent years I developed a passion for chasing the illusive eastern turkey. With past duck & goose call-making experience and the art of call-making still in my blood, it was time to change my focus to turkey calls.

Today I specialize in pot style friction turkey calls. Gadus turkey calls are made of various hardwoods and surface materials. Navigate around the Gadus Game Call site and check out our other products.

My goal is to put into your hands the best game call you ever owned. May my craftsmanship be my contribution to the hunting fraternity!

Kelly Gadus

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